#4800 Double Bond Low-Rise Foam Adhesive

December 5, 2022

 Lucas #4800 Double-Bond is a two-component, expanding foam adhesive/sealant designed for the installation of all types of foam roofing insulation and fleece backed roofing membranes. Apply to wood, concrete, gypsum and metal decks. 


#8700 High Strength PVC Bonding Adhesive

December 5, 2022

Lucas #8700 High Strength PVC Bonding Adhesive is a water based contact adhesive for securing PVC single-ply membranes to wood, metal, concrete and any type of roofing insulation. Fast drying with aggressive tack, #8700 bonds instantly without the risk of fire associated with flammable solvent based adhesives. VOC compliant in all of North America.  Lucas…


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