#4800 Double Bond Low-Rise Foam Adhesive

December 5, 2022

 Lucas #4800 Double-Bond is a two-component, expanding foam adhesive/sealant designed for the installation of all types of foam roofing insulation and fleece backed roofing membranes. Apply to wood, concrete, gypsum and metal decks. 


#5100 Thermoplastic Base Coating

December 5, 2022

Polymer based Lucas #5100 Thermoplastic Base Coating is an elastomeric solvent based coating intended for the repair and restoration of metal, TPO and Hypalon roofs. Use on barns, warehouses, metal trailers and shipping containers. Ultra-low moisture permeability prevents corrosion while high elasticity allows conformation to building movement.  Lucas #5100 is based on tough, elastic Styrene…


#8700 High Strength PVC Bonding Adhesive

December 5, 2022

Lucas #8700 High Strength PVC Bonding Adhesive is a water based contact adhesive for securing PVC single-ply membranes to wood, metal, concrete and any type of roofing insulation. Fast drying with aggressive tack, #8700 bonds instantly without the risk of fire associated with flammable solvent based adhesives. VOC compliant in all of North America.  Lucas…


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