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Lucas #6910 Universal™ Clear Sealant – Non-Fibrated

Lucas #6910 Universal™ Clear Sealant – Non-Fibrated. Same as #6900 but no microfiber.

A high-performance, multi-purpose terpolymer based sealant. Excellent adhesion to most
roof surfaces including: metal, Kynar®, asphalt, shingles, modified bitumen, EPDM, TPO, Elvaloy®/PVC, Hypalon®, vinyl, fiber cement, wood, concrete, tile, masonry and glass. Will not stain if applied over asphalt products, including shingles, when applied at the recommended rate of application. Ideal for residential and commercial roof repair.

Important information:

The dew point is the point at which moisture in the air condenses into liquid water. Many Lucas coatings require a dry surface. Surfaces may appear dry but moisture will condense as the coating is applied because the application of coating will often lower the surface temperature of the roof surface at the point of application causing liquid water droplets to be trapped under or encapsulated in the coating. Please refer to this table for more information. DewPoint



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