Lucas #3000 being applied to an aged, previously coated APP modified bitumen roof with moderate ponding water.


      Lucas Aluminum Roof Coatings are the most effective reflective surfacings for asphalt B.U.R. and both SBS and APP modified bitumen roofs. Aluminum roof coatings consist of bright reflective aluminum flakes in a bituminous vehicle with various modifiers. They are 100% compatible with bituminous roofs, inexpensive, renewable and have higher reflectivity and better U.V. screening capabilities than ceramic granules.  Lucas Aluminum coatings extend roof life, lower energy usage in both hot and cool climates and improve the environment by combating the Urban Heat Island Effect. Lucas Aluminum Coatings allow bituminous roofs to meet the stringent reflectivity requirements of the Chicago Energy Code.


Completed project, Lucas #3000.


Lucas #628 Aluminum Coating - Utility Grade

Lucas #608 Aluminum Roof Coating 2 Lb.—Non-Fibrated 

Lucas #648 Aluminum Roof Coating 3 Lb.—Non-Fibrated 



Lucas #728 Fibrated Aluminum  Coating - Utility Grade

Lucas #758 Aluminum Roof Coating 2 Lb.—Fibrated AF

Lucas #748 Aluminum Roof Coating 3 Lb.—Fibrated AF 

Lucas #718 Aluminum Roof Coating 3.8 Lb.—Fibrated AF  



Lucas #621 Water-Based Aluminum Coating

Lucas #637 Elastomeric Aluminum - SBS modified asphalt based

Lucas #3000 Thermoplastic Aluminum Roof Coating 

Lucas #3000 is an entirely different class of aluminum coating.  Unlike traditional aluminum coatings, Lucas #3000 is manufactured from a pure polymer base (Styrene Ethylene/Butylene Styrene).  Lucas #3000 is intended for application to metal, asphalt and modified bitumen roofs.  Because it's made with a clear polymer/resin base rather than black asphalt, Lucas #3000 retains nearly all of its initial brightness throughout its service life. It is also a true waterproof coating when applied in a two coat application, unlike asphalt/aluminum coatings which are primarily effective UV shielding product

Lucas #3300 E-Factor Radiant Barrier Coating

Lucas #3300 is an energy efficient coating intended for application to interior walls and the underside of roof sheathing in attics. Lucas E-Factor Radiant Barrier Coating has an extremely low infrared emissivity value. Emissivity is the percentage of absorbed heat energy that can be re-emitted as infrared radiation.  Low emissivity surfaces will emit as little as 20% of the heat of most common building materials. That means that as much as 80% of the heat is prevented from entering the building and is re-emitted outside through the roof surface. This can translate to as much as 15% in energy savings. Lucas #3300 has an Emissivity as low as .16.


attic floor insulation

heat radiated to duct surface

Read more about radiant barriers from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory.