Built up roof being power-washed after application of #115 Detergent Roof Primer.  The oxidized oils and sulfur compounds on the roof surface have been dissolved by the #115 and can be easily washed off the roof.  Water alone, even at great pressure, will not remove these sticky contaminants from the surface.  Application of coatings over an unprepared surface will result in poor adhesion and discoloration as the contamination is absorbed by the new coating and migrates to its surface. #115 is perhaps the most important roofing product we offer.  


Lucas #115 Detergent Roof Primer

#115 is a concentrated blend of alkaline cleaners, surfactants and biocides intended for the cleaning and preparation of roofs prior to application of Lucas roof coatings.

Lucas #125 Safe-Solve™ Asphalt and Sealant Remover

#125 Safe-Solve™ bio-based asphalt and sealant remover.  Based on non-toxic, biodegradable, non-flammable plant derived esters.  Safe for use on vinyl siding, hands and clothing.  Easy removal of asphalt marks on vinyl siding and factory finished aluminum trim during tear-offs and re-roofing. Eliminates fire and health hazards associated with petroleum solvent cleaning and parts washing operations. Will not stain or remove vinyl siding gloss finishes like some citrus cleaners. May alter the appearance of siding with chalky or porous surface. Near odorless.

Lucas #310 Kwik-Dry Primer  

Lucas #310 is an extremely fast drying asphalt primer manufactured from high softening point asphalts, penetrating additives and high flash aromatic petroleum solvents. Kwik-dry primer allows roofing crews to resume work sooner after application and has a non-tacky surface for ease of system application. This product is also available in aerosol spray.

Lucas #315 Asphalt Primer - Premium

#315 is a penetrating ultra-low surface tension asphalt primer designed to penetrate and adhere to wood, concrete and old roof surfaces prior to the application of built-up, modified bitumen or cold process roofing.

Lucas #316 Asphalt Primer 

#316 is a more economical asphalt primer.

Lucas #734 Mod-Bit Adhesive

#734 is an economical brush-grade adhesive for SBS modified bitumen.

Lucas #754 Asphalt Lap Cement

#754 is an economical asphalt based adhesive intended for laying SBS modified bitumen, SIS roofing, 90 lb. cap sheet and adhering wood fiber, polyisocyanurate and perlite insulation.

Lucas #1025 Alkyd Metal Primer

#1025 is a quick drying, rust inhibiting, short-oil alkyd  primer for treating rusted metal prior to application of Lucas #1000 series water-based elastomeric coatings.

Lucas #5010 Splice Wash

#5010is a conventional solvent cleaner for preparing single ply seams prior to bonding.

Lucas #5015 Seaming Tape Adhesion Promoter

#5015 is a fast drying cold-weather adhesion promoter for butyl and other seaming tapes.  #5015 is also intended as a conditioner for single-ply surfaces.  When applied to seam areas and wiped off, #5015 removes or encapsulates any contamination that might interfere with the tape's adhesion.  Now available in aerosol spray.  

Lucas #5025 Splice & Seam Cleaner

#5025is an extremely fast drying, non-VOC solvent cleaner intended for cleaning and preparing seam areas of all types of roofing membranes prior to application of seam tapes or bonding cements.  #5025 is compatible with all types of roofing.  Available in pails and AEROSOL SPRAY.

Lucas #7500 Paver Adhesive

#7500 is a fast setting, elastomer-based adhesive for concrete and natural stone pavers and roof walkway pads.

Lucas #8700 High-Strength PVC Bonding Adhesive

#8700 is a water-based contact adhesive for securing PVC roofing and other sheet goods to wood, metal, concrete and any type of roofing insulation.  Fast drying with aggressive tack, #8700 bonds  instantly without the risk of fire associated with flammable solvent based adhesives. Resists plasticizer migration

Lucas #8800 Universal Single-Ply Adhesive

#8800 is a water-based contact adhesive for securing EPDM, TPO, PVC and other single-ply membranes to wood, metal, concrete and any type of roofing insulation.  Fast drying with aggressive tack, #8800 bonds instantly without the risk of fire associated with flammable solvent based adhesives. VOC compliant in all of North America.